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Find your Inner Idol

American Idol Season 5 Rating Community
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All Members , Moderated

Have you wondered which of the top 12 from the 5th season of American Idol you're like? Do you have a smile that lights up a room like Taylor, eyes like Ace, a feminine look like Kellie? This is the place to find out what your inner Idol really is

Basic Rules
* Males and females are welcome
* You will be stamped after 3 days or 10 votes with the Idol that best suits you (in other words, the Idol that has the most votes)
* This community rates you only on your looks. Post 2 clear pictures of yourself so we can get a good look at you
* You can be stamped as either a male or a female
* Feel free to write a little bit about yourself and your interests along with your pictures
* All posts and pictures must be put behind an LJ-cut
* To make sure you understand the rules, put "Show me my inner Idol" in the subject line when posting your application
* Bold your votes
* Promoting is limited to other ratings communities. When promoting or requesting affiliation, put (STAMPED: Idol Name), replacing "Idol Name" with the name of the Idol you've been stamped as in the subject line

To see the stamps of the top 12 from season 5, click on the name of the Idol
* Ace Young
* Bucky Covington
* Chris Daughtry
* Elliott Yamin
* Katharine McPhee
* Kellie Pickler
* Kevin Covais
* Lisa Tucker
* Mandisa
* Melissa McGhee
* Paris Bennett
* Taylor Hicks

starlet_mirrors / playhouse_gang / mirror_animate / bsc_stamped / pokemontwinn

Image Credits
Stamp images are from MTV.com

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